Laurel Morgan Parks

My name is Laurel Parks -I'm a musician and teacher in Kansas City..


Laurel Morgan Parks is a sought after violinist/fiddler in Kansas City, Missouri.  Having played the violin since the age of 4, Laurel has enjoyed her life as an active performer and instructor for the past 18 years.  Her passion is composing and improvising strings with her groups The Wires - a violin/cello duo that writes cinematic music -  and Of Tree, her and her husband's indy folk band.  Following her fiddle has led her to travel the world -- she is signed to Arctic Rodeo Records in Hamburg, Germany,  has toured Europe but has also toured extensively in China with the international Mantovani Orchestra. When not performing, recording or rehearsing, Laurel enjoys her time as a teacher, hosting once a month topical group classes for musicians of all ages in addition to founding Drunken Fiddles, a 6 week group class for adult beginners who would like to learn to fiddle.


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