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Drunken Fiddles

Drunken Fiddles is a group class for adults who would like to learn how to play the fiddle/violin. During the 6 week class participants will learn a new fiddle tune each week in a relaxed group environment. We drink wine, we laugh, we have fun and, most importantly, we fiddle! Each class is taught by violinist/fiddler Laurel Parks (of The Wires String duo) whose background includes classical training, fiddling, composing and improvisation.

Sunday August 25 - September 25
Thursday August 29 - October 10

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Laurel Parks
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Any Skill Level Welcome!

Absolute Beginner

This workshop is for people who have never played before or feel they need to get a refresher on the basic fundamentals of fiddle including how to hold the bow/violin, string names, tone production, etc. We will learn a few tunes + scales in the fiddle keys!


This workshop is a step above the first time beginner level. We will learn tunes piece by piece with sheet music. Tempos will be slow to moderate. Some tunes will have multiple harmonies to choose from. Plan on learning a new tune each week!


This workshop level is for people who want to be pushed and challenged with learning tunes quickly at a fast tempo. A focus will be on style, driven bowing techniques and double stops.

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NEW: Scheduling is flexible!

You can mix and match your classes. If you can't make your Sunday class, just attend the one on Thursday (and vice versa)

Belger Crane Yard

6 week session:
 Thursday August 29 - October 10 (no class Sept. 26th) 
@ Belger Crane Yard Studio 2011 Tracy Ave. Kansas City, MO 64108


6 week session:
Sunday August 25-September 25 
@ Prospero's Books 1800 W. 39th St. Kansas City, MO 64111
Absolute Beginner 4:30-5:30 Sunday @Prospero's Books
Intermediate/Advanced 6:00-7:00 Sunday @Prospero's Books
Absolute Beginner 5:30-6:20 @Belger Crane Yard Studios
Beginner 6:30-7:20 @Belger Crane Yard Studios
Intermediate/Advanced 7:30-8:30 @Belger Crane Yard Studios


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Laurel Parks
[email protected]

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Laurel Parks

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Brookside Parade

Check us out at the Brookside St Patrick's Day Parade!

Featured on KCUR 89.3

Making music should be fun. But when adults squeak through their first violin lessons, they may not get the compassion a child might receive. Enter Drunken Fiddles.

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What if I have never played an instrument before?
The absolute beginner class would be a perfect fit!
How often is Drunken Fiddles held?
Drunken Fiddles is held 6-7 times a year on average
Do you rent violins/fiddles?
Most of our students rent from Wyatt Violin Shop or KC Strings.  
Do I need to practice?
No!  You can come each week even if you didn't have time to practice.  You are never behind in Drunken Fiddles.  Just pick up right where you left off.
What if I miss a day?
You can now mix and match your classes.  If you miss your regular day (say, Thursday), just plan on attending the Sunday class for that week.
Is it normal to be nervous about joining?
Absolutely!  Most people are nervous for their first couple of times.  Come anyway! 
I play the cello.  Can I join?
Yes!  Cellos are welcome in the Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced levels.  
What if I don't read music?
No worries!  I will teach you how to read a cheat sheet.  Also, some students prefer to read by ear.
Does Drunken Fiddles perform?
Yes -- each year we perform at the Brookside St. Patrick's Day parade.  We will be adding more performances this year.
Why is it called Drunken Fiddles?
The name "Drunken Fiddles" was chosen to portray the laid back nature of the class.  We do serve wine but we also serve sparkling water and snacks for those who do not drink.

What’s your favorite tune?

Sign up for the email list and I will send you a recording of ME playing the CHORUS to your favorite tune on the fiddle.