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Kansas City: July 22, 29, August 5, 12

Lawrence: July 20, 27, August 3, 10



Lawrence Kansas City

Drunken Fiddles

Drunken Fiddles is a group class for adults who would like to learn how to play the fiddle, or cello.  During the 4 week workshop participants will learn a new fiddle tune each week in a relaxed group environment. We drink wine, we laugh, we have fun and, most importantly, we fiddle! 
We don't just play tunes - we learn the stylistic elements that honor regional traditions.
Each class is taught by professional violinist/fiddler Laurel Parks (of The Wires String duo and Of Tree and In the Pines) whose background includes improvisation, composition and classical training.

Locations & Dates

Lawrence: July 20, 27, August 3, 10

 Tuesdays @ RPG (Restaurant, Pub & Games)

724 Massachusetts St, Lawrence, KS 66044

We will be meeting upstairs. 

Kansas City: July 22, 29, August 5, 12

Thursdays @ The Ox Cafe & Bakery

1600 Genessee St, Lawrence, KS 64102


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Regular Rate

We will be learning 4 different tunes in a collection of genres. Class are options below:

  • Absolute Beginner 6pm-7pm (Both fiddle/violin and cello welcome!)
  •  Intermediate 7:15 pm-8:45 pm (Fiddle/violin, viola, cello)
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Kansas City


Regular Rate

We will be learning 4 different tunes in a collection of genres. Class are options below:

  • Absolute Beginner 6pm-7pm (Both fiddle/violin and cello welcome!)
  •  Intermediate 7:15 pm-8:45 pm (Fiddle/violin, viola, cello)
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Fiddle Life Online


To supplement your learning sign up for Fiddle Life Online School where you will get access to dozens of tunes, in-depth instructional videos, printable sheet music with fingerings, music history, theory and more! 

Cancel at any time.

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Both Locations

Thursday Absolute Beginner Class 6:00-7:00 pm

This class is for people who consider themselves absolute beginners and have zero experience playing the fiddle. We will start from the absolute beginning, learning the correct posture for holding the instrument.  We will learn 3 fiddle tunes together.  Plan to have a lot of laughs and fun!  Absolute Beginners are invited to stick around for the experienced class to join in OR watch.


Thursday Intermediate Class 7:15pm-8:45 pm

In this session we will play several tunes together! The first half of the class will be taught at a slow pace and will be heavily instructed.  We will learn several different tunes in styles such as Celtic, Old-Time and more.  The second half of the class will be faster-paced with more playing/less instruction.  Get ready to have a good time and expand your fiddle/cello technique!


Covid Protocal

Here is our Drunken Fiddles Covid protocol:
  • Chairs will be spaced 6+ feet apart.
  • We will follow the city mask ordinance for restaurants.

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Keep In Touch

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Can I do both the live class AND the online class? 
Yes, although the online class stands on its own it can also be used to supplement the in-person class.
What if I have never played an instrument before?
The absolute beginner class would be a perfect fit!
How often is Drunken Fiddles held?
Goin forward we will be having regular classes, meeting for 4 week sessions with 1-2 weeks in between sessions.
Do you rent violins/fiddles?
Most of our students rent from Wyatt Violin Shop or KC Strings
For our Lawrence location go to:
Beautiful Music Violin Shop
Do I need to practice?
No. You can come each week even if you didn't have time to practice.  You are never behind in Drunken Fiddles.  Just pick up right where you left off.  That being said, you will get much more out of the workshop if you commit to practicing a little each day.
What if I miss a day?
Due to capacity limitations we are not able to accommodate people attending other days/locations to make up their missed class at this time.  If you miss, you will still receive the sheet music and practice videos via email.
Is it normal to be nervous about joining?
Absolutely!  Most people are nervous for their first couple of times.  Come anyway! 
I play the cello.  Can I join?
Yes! Cellists (and violists) are welcome in the Absolute Beginner AND Intermediate classes.
Are cellos, violas or other instruments included in the online version? 
Yes.  Sascha Groschang teaches cello.  Laurel Parks takes care of fiddle and viola.
What if I don't read music?
No worries!  I will teach you how to read a cheat sheet.  Also, some students prefer to read by ear.
Does Drunken Fiddles perform?
Yes -- each year we perform at the Brookside St. Patrick's Day parade.  Performances will be limited for now due to the pandemic.
Why is it called Drunken Fiddles?
The name "Drunken Fiddles" was chosen to portray the laid back nature of the class.  The focus is on learning/playing and not on drinking.

Hi Everyone!  I have created an online version of Drunken Fiddles!

This course is divided into TWO tracks. When you sign up, you will have access to both levels.
  1. Absolute Beginners--For people who have NEVER played the fiddle before (We start from the absolute beginning and it is assumed you know nothing about playing the violin or fiddle.
  2. Intermediate -- This is for people who know their way around their instrument. Pick your favorite genre (Celtic?  Romany?  Old Time?...) and find a tune you love.  Print out the sheet music with fingerings and watch your in depth lesson video.  Then, practice with the instructors at a slowed down pace until you work up to the performance level video.  If you want more, there is an option for LIVE instruction several times a month!



$29/month intro rate

no contract, cancel anytime

First month is free!!!!


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Making music should be fun. But when adults squeak through their first violin lessons, they may not get the compassion a child might receive. Enter Drunken Fiddles.

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